19yo Girl Arrested for Offering ‘Free Sex’ After 3,000 People Raced to Her Hotel


In the age of social media, many people will do almost anything to get followers or be famous online. Since sex sells, this young teenager thought that she could attract more followers by jokingly offering free sex in her hotel room.

According to iFeng, 19-year-old Ye Mouyi, a Chinese blogger wrote on Weibo saying, “Who’s coming to get me… to have sex… for free.” In the now-deleted post, she also added her room number, 6316 and said that she was vacationing at Wanda Hilton Hotel in Haitang Bay, Sanya, on Hainan island of southern China. The post, which was uploaded at around 8pm on March 1, quickly garnered netizens’ attention and just like she wanted, she went viral. Many people thought that she was serious in her offer and it was reported that about 3,000 people raced to her hotel to take up her offer. Maybe they thought they could take a queue number?

The hotel said that they received a flood of calls after that, as callers were demanding to know more details about the guest staying in room 6316, which had a “serious impact on the hotel’s normal operation”. In a desperate attempt to save the situation, she implored her followers not to share the post anymore as she was just joking. She finally deleted the post after she couldn’t take it anymore. Too late, girl! However, people had already took a screenshot of the post and shared it with their friends, which had Ye freaking out. People were banging on her door and calling her phone as the terrified young blogger stayed in her room. Eventually, Ye phoned the reception and told them that she wanted to checkout at 10pm as she couldn’t take it anymore.

They then escorted her to a taxi and she went back to Sanya Phoenix International Airport where she stayed in another hotel. Her little stunt got her into hot soup as the police investigated the case, following reports by Hilton Hotel. They eventually arrested her at the hotel not long after that as they suspected that she was prostituting herself. Yes, even though she said free! She was charged with ‘disrupting the order of units and soliciting clients for prostitution in public places’ even though she had posted that it was free. Ye was slapped with a 15-day detention and a 500 yuan (RM307) fine as a lesson for her rash behaviour. She admitted that she had posted the status as she wanted to gain more followers. Bad move!

Source: WorldOfBuzz

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