Comatose child abuse victim dies

KUALA LUMPUR, March 14 — A four-year-old girl died this afternoon after she fell into a coma when she was allegedly abused by her caretaker.

The child was brought to Hospital Ampang on Sunday unconscious by two Indonesian men claiming to be her mother’s friends, informing doctors she had suffered a seizure.

Medical officers, who discovered severe injuries to her forehead, chest, thighs, and haemorrhaging in her skull, reported their findings to the police that same night.

Police are still waiting for post mortem results to be released to establish her cause of death.

Ampang police chief Assistant Commissioner Hamzah Alias said a 32-year-old man has since been arrested to facilitate investigations. He has been remanded for four days until Saturday.

“There are other suspects who we are currently hunting down as well. The case, previously investigated under the Child Act 2001 for negligence, has been reclassified as murder,” he said.

The alleged abuse was sustained by the victim while she was under the care of a 56-year-old prime suspect, who is still at large, since early this year.

The child was entrusted to him by her mother, an Indonesian housekeeper in her 40s working here, under the pretext he would babysit.

On February 18, during a video call while under his care in Pandan Perdana, Ampang, the mother noticed bruises on the child who appeared unhappy.

Three days later when she picked her daughter up from the suspect’s home, the mother noticed more bruises on her child’s cheeks and ears.

Then on Sunday, the suspect called the mother to inform her that her daughter had been admitted to the hospital. The suspect has remained uncontactable since.


  • Rip little girl, you are in good hands now. My heartfelt condolence to the parents. I sincerely hope the abuser will be thrown to jail for a very long time.
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