Video of man shouting at woman taking up a row of seats on AirAsia flight goes viral

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With their tendency to squeeze in passengers and squeeze out dollars, budget carriers can make for some tense flying. Sometimes, cabin pressure (of the metaphorical kind) boils over into anger.

Passengers aboard a recent AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong witnessed one such blow out, when a dispute about lounging in unoccupied seats erupted into a heated mid-air tirade.

At the center of the shouting storm was a lady in pink, who attempted to avail herself of an unoccupied row.

According to a Facebook post from Tuesday, the woman was repeatedly told by an air hostess to return to her actual seat. Empty rows are for upgraders who pay for the privilege, she was told.

The woman, however, was persistent and several times throughout the flight returned to the free seats to kick back when the air hostess wasn’t looking.

The cat and mouse game continued until one male passenger lost it. Things got turbulent (metaphorically).

“If you don’t want to get shouted at then stop acting so hideously!” he shouted.

“Someone your age and you’re acting like this! Why don’t you be civilized? This air hostess has told you three times you can’t sit here yet you keep on coming here!”

The woman in pink, fired back a sharp: “So what?”

The angry man conceded that mainly he just liked yelling.

“It’s none of my business but I like shouting at you,” he said, continuing his lashing as the object of his tirade relented and returned to her seat. “You don’t know when you’re acting ugly!”

Perhaps drawn by relatable experiences, netizens have flocked to the clip, which has now been viewed more than one million times and shared by several thousand people.

Sentiment was with the man who liked yelling. “Good job,” commented one person. Some even proclaiming him a “hero” for calling the lady out. No doubt Liam Neeson wouldn’t stand for it.

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